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The most important for me are: my family and enjoying small things

I never leave behind: my phone, tissues and red lipstick

I’m addicted: to coffee and Netflix

I relax while: cooking and walking my dogs

I am best at: baking cakes

I spend a fortune on: office supplies and jewelry

Biggest waste of time is: complaining

Always makes me feel better: chocolate and music

Most amazing part of being a wedding planner: new challenges every day

Most hated aspect of working in wedding industry: the old-fashioned approach to weddings

Favorite wedding theme: timeless classic and eleganceonadczasowa klasyka i elegancja

I dream of organizing a wedding: Bollywood styled


The most important for me are: distance to myself and happiness of my loved ones

I never leave behind: telephone, chewing gum and high heels

I’m addicted: chocolate and music

I relax while: dancing bachata 

I am best at: shopping

I spend a fortune on: cosmetics and shoes

Biggest waste of time is: counting it

Always makes me feel better: music and ice cream

Most amazing part of being a wedding planner: diversity and amazing ideas of couples

Most hated aspect of working in wedding industry: indecisive people

Favorite wedding theme: glam, glam and extra glam

I dream of organizing a wedding: in the Maldives

Agnieszka Wysocka – owner of Weselne Wrzosowisko
I have been an organizational freak since I was a child, I went everywhere with a notebook and planned whathever I could. I hated moments when I had no control over something.
Weddings were also my great passion. I could watch programs about dress selection for hours and dreamed of working Jennifer Lopez from “Say yes”.
The thought of becoming a wedding planner has always been in my mind. I didn’t want to be an actress, singer or princess like most girls. However, when I was creating my professional plans, there were no wedding planners in Poland.
That is why I wanted to be a lawyer (thanks to which I can now create and understand contracts well), a psychologist (it makes it easier for me to “read” people and understand their needs), a doctor (I am great at pre-medical help).
However, I ended up studying dietetics, which, among other things, taught me a lot about how gastronomy works and how to compose a menu.
I love to learn new things, so I hade several language courses (thanks to which I can efficiently organize weddings with international couples), as well as a floristic course.
Thanks to my innate need to ” swimming against the tide” and stubbornness, I transformed my many interests and skills into a job that fulfills my dreams. All this, at the time when the profession of wedding planner was just sprouting on the Polish market and even did not exist in Podlasie.
I love my job for the challenges I faces every day. It’s never boring! I can meet interesting people, create stunning weddings and fulfill the dreams of couples.
As an wedding planner and womanpreneur I can manage my life as I always wanted.

Paulina Zajko – second wedding planner

From junior high I knew what I want to do in life, and then my adventure with the wedding world began. I spent all afternoons watching wedding programs or fashion shows, which to everyone’s surprise, I was very passionate about. When it came time to choose high school, I focused on options that would help me implement these plans. My hotelier education allowed me to get to know this industry from the inside. Studies in the field of management now help me in managing time (my own and those of our couples) and controlling the budgets of the weddings we organize.


The most experience gave me work in wedding venues and restaurants. Thanks to this, I perfectly understand how such facilities operate and I can conect well with waiter service. On top of that, I completed year training, thanks to which I became a certified wedding planner.


I also put my passions into work life. I am an avid dancer, so I am always happy to help couples with their first dance. Thanks to my interest in wedding fashion and make-up, I correctly advise when choosing a dress, makeup or accessories. All these components help me in the industry that I dreamed of for a long time. I love my work for its beauty and prestige. Daily challenges allow me to constantly develop my skills and shape my character.


I have always said that dreams do not come true themselves – you have to work on them. I have already fulfilled one of mine, let me fulfill yours!


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