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We started working with Weselne Wrzosowisko in 2019 and got married in May 2022. We thanked our lucky stars every day of working with Agnieszka and Ania (and previously Paulina). They are so organised, patient and fun and lifted any pressure we would have had if we were to plan the wedding on our own.

Our Polish/English wedding was INCREDIBLE thanks to their hard work and attention to detail, we didn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying ourselves. Our discussions leading up to the wedding were always exciting and enjoyable and the coordination was great. We had a last minute change of plans due to storms/rain and the way Agnieszka and Ania handled it was perfect – we didn’t worry about anything and were so happy with how it all turned out!

It’s been an amazing three years and we’re strongly considering getting married one more time just to be able to work with Agnieszka and Ania again 😀 <3

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