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My husband Joe and I made a decision to get married in June 2019 in my hometown Białystok. That part was easy, but planning a wedding all the way from Chicago made it that much more difficult logistically. I researched the local wedding planning scene in Białystok and Weselne Wrzosowisko stood out from the beginning. I made a call to Agnieszka – and that was a beginning of our 14 month wonderful adventure. Agnieszka & Paulina made the entire process fun, seamless and easy. We had an agenda, a google drive folder full of inspirations and other important documents. We never had to worry about anything. They recommended so many wonderful vendors – some new to them, some with established relationships. With countless emails and Skype calls – they helped made our day so special and unforgettable. We are forever grateful as our guests can’t stop talking about what an amazing experience our wedding was. Truly one of a kind celebration and party with an international crowd! Thank you Agnieszka & Paulina – we can’t recommend Weselne Wrzosowisko enough! ❤️

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M Gabi i Joe

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