Minimal package

If the organization of the wedding day is pure pleasure for you, but you want to be sure that you do everything properly, this service is perfect for you.

♥    you get a personalized preparation schedule, but you do all the tasks on the schedule yourself

♥     throughout the whole preparations, you can count on our support and advice, you receive an unlimited number of consultations

♥    you receive a personalized wedding budget and a complete wedding day stylization with a moodboard

♥    The culmination of the preparations will be the coordination of the wedding day along with the previously prepared scenario

Package pricing in the range of 5 000 – 9 000 zł

Complex package

If you dream of a special wedding day, but you do not want to lose the enthusiasm and be sure that everything will be professionally pampered, then this package is perfect for you.

♥    we select and book each service provider that will be needed to implement your wedding plans (e.g. wedding venue, band / DJ, photographer, cameraman, cake shop, decorating company, attractions, transport, accommodation, make-up artist, hairdresser, stationery, accessories, symbolic ceremony)

♥    we are in touch with vendors,arrange all the details and complete the formalities

♥    you get a personalized wedding budget, schedule and full wedding day styling with a moodboard

♥     throughout the whole preparations, you can count on our support and advice, you receive an unlimited number of consultations

♥    the culmination of the preparations will be the coordination of the wedding day along with the previously prepared scenario

Package pricing in the range of 7 000 – 13 000 zł

Extreme package

If you dream not only of a special wedding day, but also all accompanying events, and the engagement stage is to be a beautiful adventure, then this package is perfect for you.

♥   it is an extension of the Complex Package and includes all its elements

♥     in addition to wedding day organization, we organize all other wedding-related events like engagement dinner, engagement party, bachelorette and bachelor party, dinner for families, organization of time and accommodation for visiting guests, ceremony rehearsals, etc.

♥    we can also coordinate each of these additional celebrations, if necessary

Package pricing in the range of 10 000 – 18 000 zł

Those packages are for you to see what working with us is based on.

However, we approach each of our couples individually and select the offer to suit your needs, dreams and requirements. We can mix these packages with each other or create a completely new option for you. After initial consultation, you will receive a personalized offer from us with the scope and price.

If you prefer faster and more specific solutions, below we present two ready-made packages that you can immediately book.

 The styling service

If you care about the visual side of the wedding day, so that each element is enchanting and everythong is consistent, then the styling service is for you.

♥   creating a comprehensive stylization of all elements of the wedding day, i.e. wedding ceremont and reception decorations, floral decorations, outfits, accessories, stationery, etc.

♥     we create desing based on your preferences, tailored to the venue and place of ceremony, as well as the budget

♥   we select the best florist, take care of matching all the details, ordering the necessary accessories and materials

♥    on the wedding day, we take care of the proper implementation of all details, assembly and disassembly of decorations

Service pricing in the range of 2 000 – 4 000 zł + costs depending on the decoration (flowers, accessories, florist’s work)

Individual elements

If you need smaller dose of support, we can also prepare individual elements of the wedding day for you

♥    plan of preparation or plan of the wedding day/scenario

♥   selecting and booking individual vendors

♥    a list of questions for the vendors or list of matters to be discussed / arranged with them

♥    wedding day styling with a moodboard

This service is charged at 150 zł / hour

Stages of working with us

1. Initial consultation

We arrange a meeting – online or live – where we discuss your plans and dreams for your wedding day. We’ll tell you more about our work and answer all your questions. This way we’ll get to know your needs.

2. Offer with pricing

Based on the informations from the initial consultation, we’ll prepare a specific offer for you within a few hours. It’ll include the scope of our work and its pricing. Here you make the decision about working with us or not.

3. Formalities

We prepare a contract that contains all the agreed conditions and secures both parties. You sign it and pay the deposit. Copy signed by us is soon in a folder on the google drive that we share. We divide the remaining payments into two installments.

4. Organization and preparation

We start by creating a preparation schedule, budget, Pinterest board, and most of all by choosing the method of communication between us (messenger, whatsapp or e-mail). Together, we move on to the implementation of the schedule, i.e. the organization of your wedding day.

5. Wedding day coordination

The most beautiful day of your life and the most important day of our cooperation. Before that, we prepare a wedding day scenario, which we discuss with you and consult with vendors. On the wedding day, we supervise everything from morning to 2 am, so that everything goes as you dreamed of.

6. Finish line

We support you in the formalities and closing matters related to the wedding. If you feel like it, after a few months we can watch beautiful photos with you over a cup of coffee or wine and return to your special wedding day memories.

What’s next?

Everything sounds great and you want to work with us?

So make an initial consultation and let’s start planning your beautiful day together!