The first step towards perfect wedding day

initial consultation

An introductory meeting with Agnieszka/wedding planner will allow you to:

♥    make sure what kind of support you need

♥   sort out your wedding plans and dreams, as well as problems or concerns

  get to know us and see if we get along

 get answers to all your questions

The meeting will take about 1 hour

We can meet online (on Zoom) or in person, in Białystok

Ideally, both of you should be present

You don’t have to prepare anything, we’ll just talk about your wedding day

The initial consultation is free of charge and without any obligation (after the meeting, you’ll make a final decision about working with us)

Based on it, we’ll create a customized offer for you

The initial consultation is the first step to working with us

What can you expect?

#1 – Let’s start with you! You’ll tell my about your dream wedding day – how you want it to look, what should happened on it.

#2 – You’ll share what in the organization stresses you the most and what concerns you have.

#3 – Now, let’s change! I’ll tell you about our services and what exactly we can do for you.

#4 – If you’ll have any questions or concerns, we’ll resolve them right away.

#5 – After the meeting is over, I’ll prepare a customized offer for you, which you’ll receive by email.

#6 – After reviewing the offer, you’ll have 5 days to decide whether you want to work with us.

Are you ready for this step?