Fot. Magdalena Mizera

Women tend to plan their wedding day ever since they are little girls. They dream of a white dress, a sumptuous party, and dancing till dawn. They parade around the house wearing net curtains for a veil. Apparently that’s what happens. Ironically, I wasn’t one of these girls. I started thinking about my wedding only when the engagement ring appeared on my finger. Surprisingly, I’ve dreamt of other people’s weddings all my life.
Instead of watching cartoons I was addicted to documentaries on wedding planning. Instead of dreaming of a Cinderella life, I dreamt of having a job exactly like Jennifer Lopez had in “The Wedding Planner”. Instead of playing house, I got all my dolls married in style.
Although my life pulled me in different directions, this dream has always been with me. When preparing for my own wedding, I realised that I had been preparing for this profession all my life, but I had not always done it consciously. My fascination with the legal profession has resulted in my ability to draw up and understand contracts. My love for photography now pays off when I’m choosing a photographer. My interest in psychology and sociology enables me to “read” and understand other people better. My studies in nutrition gave me an insider’s point of view on catering and gastronomy. My language school allowed me to monitor the overseas trends and introduce them in this country well in advance. My passion for flowers resulted in a florist diploma. I am a Renaissance Woman who knows how to combine all these areas of expertise into one beautiful event.

I have transformed my numerous interests and skills into a profession which is all my dreams come true. I’m now a wedding planner who will also turn your dreams into reality. If you want to find out if all this is true, contact with me.  If you want to get to know me better, I have a few facts for you.

   My family and taking pleasure from small things are two most important elements of my life.

    I never part with my calendar, telephone and red lipstick.

    My addictions: coffee and beautiful flowers.

    I relax: walking my dog and painting furniture.

    What I do best: bake.

    I like reading: personal development books and romantic novels.

    My favourite flower: lisianthus.

    My favourite TV series: Friends.

    I dream of: travelling around the world.

   What I like most about my work: talking to interesting people.

    My professional goal: creation of the best wedding agency in the country.

    My professional goal: creation of the best wedding agency in the country.

    My wedding was: exactly as we dreamt it would be.