Fot. Magdalena Mizera

This place was created to help you manage all the commotion and excitement that come with your wedding. Whoever said that finding the right partner is the most difficult thing there is has never organised a wedding.
The blog was set up at the beginning of 2016 as a combination of my love of writing and wedding planning. I cannot imagine my life without putting my thoughts on paper (although currently I do this using a keyboard). Sharing my knowledge with others brings me great pleasure. Writing a blog gives me an opportunity to integrate all my character traits. Wrzosowisko contains practical advice without beating about the bush. You will find out how to work with a wedding consultant and that my profession is not entirely “magical”. You will discover the secrets of those employed in the wedding industry and see them at work from behind the scenes. Here you will find useful advice on how to organise your perfect wedding and the much-needed peace of mind to make your day completely worry-free.

My wedding agency began to operate in the autumn of 2016. It was shortly after my wedding, and just after I had completed the wedding consultant course. I have always believed that any business should be based on passion as only then it makes real sense. Currently, the wedding agency consists of myself and my right hand in technical matters – my husband. It really is a family business. However, Weselne Wrzosowisko is a dynamically developing company and I am convinced that in a few years it will be the best wedding agency in the country. This will be done through a combination of passion and hard work, as well as thanks the trust my clients place in this undertaking.