Our couples

M Gabi i Joe

Klaudia & Jonny

M Edyta i Wojtek

Asia & Tomek

M Gabi i Joe

Marta & Mateusz

M Gabi i Joe

Violetta & Karol

M Gabi i Joe

Ewelina & Audrius

A Polish-Lithuanian couple who celebrated their special day with a outdoor ceremony and receprtion. Everything in a classic black and white style.

M Gabi i Joe

Klaudia & Jarek

The perfect wedding day, in the case of this couple, was an outdoor ceremony under a historic windmill and a wedding reception in a rustic hall – all decorated with colorful field-style flowers.

M Gabi i Joe

Weronika & Sebastian

A couple with dream about truly autumn wedding day, outdoor ceremony and amazing fun with close ones till the morning.

M Gabi i Joe

Dominika & Adrian

A grand and wild party until dawn, all in glamorous style, preceded by an Orthodox wedding.

M Edyta i Wojtek

Kinga & Kamil

The couple’s spectacular outdoor reception in tent had its explosive finale – a stunning fireworks display.

M Karolina i Mati

Justyna & Sebastian

A combination of a traditional ceremony with a modern, small reception. Being close to nature was important to them, so the reception took place in a glass gazebo in the center of the garden.

M Marlena i Kamil

Marlena & Kamil

A pair of perfectionists for whom the quality of their wedding day was very important. They decided on an elegant, glamorous reception where they enjoy time with the guests until dawn.

M Karolina i Mati

Karolina & Mateusz

Always smiling couple, that knew, in order to keep this joy also on their wedding day, they need professional support. An outdoor church ceremony was their dream, which we managed to organize beautifully.

M Gabi i Joe

Gabi & Joe

A Polish-American couple, living in Chicago. In love with each other, as well as Podlasie. They trusted us completely, organizing their special day in venue, which they saw only 3 days before the wedding.

M martyna i wiktor

Basia & Andreas

This Polish-German couple, who live across the Odra river on a daily basis, after years of relationship, decided to celebrate it with their loved ones in true “Podlasie style”.

M kinga i łukasz

Kinga & Łukasz

A couple in private life and a duet in professional life. Wedding vendors who know perfectly well, how important it support of a wedding planner on the wedding day.

M kinga i łukasz

Renata & Krystian

A wedding day full of color, smiles and eternal optimism of this couple. Although they live outside Poland on a daily basis, they chose their hometown in Podlasie for their wedding day.

M koord

Happy couples are our speciality!

Each of our realizations is different, because our couples are different – their dreams, needs and abilities. But each one comes to us with the same problem…. They want to have an amazing wedding day, but don’t know how to achieve it.

That’s when we come in! Together with the couple we put plans in order, organize the whole process and take care of the implementation, down to the smallest detail. All this in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, that allows the couple to enjoy the whole process.

Our couples know that they can always count on our support, advice, answers and referrals.  We take the stress, worry and many responsibilities off their shoulders.

We guarantee that our patience has no limits 😉 And our smiles and calmness on your wedding day will make it a truly special nad unforgettable experience -> for you and your guests.

Do you want to be our couple?