Do You want to have control over your wedding day?

You are

   perfectionist crazy about details?

♥    Lady Boss developing your career?

  a unique woman wanting a dazzling wedding day?

You feel

♥    lost in the wedding industry?

♥    overwhelmed with an overload of ideas and information?

♥    exhausted with endless preparations?

That is why

you need

a wedding planner!

you gain

  stress-free wedding preparations

    time and money saved

    experienced advisors,

    assurance of the high quality of all service providers,

     100% satisfaction from each element of your wedding day,

    support and gals for wedding chatting,

    two masters of organizations on your side.

Wedding advisement

Complex organization

Extreme packet

Hi darling!

Weselne Wrzosowisko is a team of two certified wedding planners – Agnieszka and Paulina. We are young, always smiling woman and truly wedding geeks. The organization of dazzling weddings is our everyday job!
We are here to lead you through this wedding chaos. With us you will start to enjoy wedding preperations and have control over them – from the very beginning, until the end of the wedding day.

Make sure that you can trust us

Everything sounds great, but do you really need our support?

See for yourself what exactly we do and how we can guarantee you a dazzling wedding day.

We focus on quality, not quantity

This many weddings we can organize in 2020

This many weddings we can organize in 2021

Wedding is the most beautiful day in a life!

Especially when you have masters of organization on your side!