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and have fun while doing it!

M młoda
M młoda

Dear Lovebirds!

   Are you excited about the wedding planning, but afraid that nerves will take over soon?

    Care about having everything “in your own way”, but do not quite know how to make it come true?

   Want to save yourself and your loved ones from stress, while still having everything buttoned up the last button?

     Get overwhelmed by the amount of informations?

   In need for someone who’ll give you honest advice?

   Dream of a wedding day that you can fully enjoy and that your guests will remember for years, as an amazing experience?

You found us just in time

M młoda
M młoda

No one else can offer you such a peace of mind as we can!

What are Your options?

Hire wedding planners

    gain trusted people to look over the entire process

    make informed decisions and focus on what truly matters

    see for yourself that every dream can come true

  truly cherish every moment of wedding planning

    have everything planned down to the smallest detail

    receive professional help, support and proven suggestions

    have fun at your weddingn

DIY your wedding

    drown in the chaos and stress of wedding planning

       make decisions on the run, just so you can to move pforward

    struggle to make your dreams come true

   worry until the last minute that you forgot about something

    make plans and decisions without a specific idea of the results

    burden loved ones with wedding tasks

    work as a coordinator at your wedding

what our couples are saying?

The reviews come from customers who have worked with us. They are collected and published in accordance with the regulations of reviews.

My husband Joe and I made a decision to get married in June 2019 in my hometown Białystok. That part was easy, but planning a wedding all the way from Chicago made it that much more difficult logistically. I researched the local wedding planning scene in Białystok and Weselne Wrzosowisko stood out from the beginning. I made a call to Agnieszka – and that was a beginning of our 14 month wonderful adventure. Girls made the entire process fun, seamless and easy. We had an agenda, a google drive folder full of inspirations and other important documents. We never had to worry about anything. They recommended so many wonderful vendors – some new to them, some with established relationships. With countless emails and Skype calls – they helped made our day so special and unforgettable. We are forever grateful as our guests can’t stop talking about what an amazing experience our wedding was. Truly one of a kind celebration and party with an international crowd! Thank you girls – we can’t recommend Weselne Wrzosowisko enough! ❤️

Gabi Bohdzia


We got married in July 2019 and if it had not been for girls from Weselne Wrzosowisko we would have been stressed out the entire planning time. They made the planning process much more easier.

Organising a wedding in Poland from Iceland was not easy but girls were an amazing help from helping us pick the venue, to sourcing potential dj’s and more.

We cannot thank girls enough for arranging the most perfect spectacular day of our lives.

Thank you!

Viktor Aron Bragason


We started working with Weselne Wrzosowisko in 2019 and got married in May 2022. We thanked our lucky stars every day of working with Agnieszka and Ania. They are so organised, patient and fun, and lifted any pressure we would have had if we were to plan the wedding on our own.

Our Polish/English wedding was INCREDIBLE thanks to their hard work and attention to detail, we didn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying ourselves. Our discussions leading up to the wedding were always exciting and enjoyable and the coordination was great. We had a last minute change of plans due to storms/rain and the way Agnieszka and Ania handled it was perfect – we didn’t worry about anything and were so happy with how it all turned out!

It’s been an amazing three years and we’re strongly considering getting married one more time just to be able to work with Agnieszka and Ania again 😀 <3

Klaudia Śmigielska


How it works?

Why Weselne Wrzosowisko?


The relationship between us and the couple is based on trust, conversations, sympathy, inside jokes. There are no “sir/madame” or rigid rules with us. You can share anything that is on your mind and expect only honest opinions, without any sugar coating. We are here not to alway agree with you, but to make sure that your wedding day will be truly special.


We’re fans of making life easier for our couples, as well as for ourselves and in collaboration we enjoy the delights of the online world (e.g., Google Drive, shared conversation on WhatsApp, Zoom meetings). We are constantly developing and improving. Testing new solutions, expanding our base of vendors and capabilities.

2 minds

Two minds are better then one – and if they are two creative, intelligent and experienced minds, you are safe! From the very beginning of our cooperation you have contact with both of us (Agnieszka and Anna), same on the coordination of the wedding day.


We love an unconventional approach to weddings. Our minds are open to all original solutions. No matter how crazy your idea is, we’ll be happy to put it into reality!


The quality of our services is confirmed by membership in the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants. We are both certified wedding planners. We believe that true luxury is not about diamonds and glitter, but about the time you can spend celebrating life with your loved ones – and we make sure you gain as much of that luxury as possible.


All couples are welcome here. Regardless of what orientation, nationality, religion, skin color, age you (or your guests) are. We treat everyone with the same respect and love.

What’s next?

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So book initial consultation and let’s plan your beautiful day together!